Lindsay Olson is Fermi National Accelerator’s first Artist in Residence and is on the faculty at Columbia College Chicago. She is known for creating unusual residencies including a stint as the resident artist at Chicago’s Metropolitan Water Reclamation District. Her studio practice grows out of an intense curiosity about the ways our society is supported by science and technology. Scientific American, the Chicago Tribune, SciArt in America and the Chicago Artist Resource have featured her work. She has shown her work in many galleries in the US and internationally including Germany, Vienna, Athens and Geneva Switzerland. Her work is now touring both the US and in Europe.

Upcoming Exhibits and Events
2018 Shows
 Illinois Institute of Technology "The Elegant Universe: Art and Science"  January

2017 Shows
Elmhurst College  "The Elegant Universe: Art and Science" March 7 - April 18
Indiana University Northwest Student Research Conference Keynote speaker "Hidden Threads:Fungi Plant Partnerships" April 20th
Field Museum Members Night  "Hidden Threads: Fungi Plant Partnerships"  May 18th and 19th
Oak Park Public Library "The Elegant Universe: Art and Science"  May
Chicago Botanic Gardens: World Environment Day Saturday June 3rd   "Half the Story: Fungi Plant Partnerships"
Lewis University  "The Elegant Universe: Art and Science"  September

2016 Shows 
Art@CMS touring in Italy and Norway
Athens Science Festival April 5-10
"Art and the Quantum World"  Solo show at Fermilab Art Gallery. September 21st - November 28th   

Photo: Georgia Schwender
Drawing on the stage at Fermi National Accelerator Labratory

 Recent Press and Media
 TextileArtist.org "Artist's Toolkit"
Signal to Noise April 2016 "Art and Life in The Subatomic Realm"
Small Things Considered "Art About Small Things"
Water Canada March/April 2013 "A Tribute to Treatment"

The Chicago Artist Resource  Click HERE .



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